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University Animal Hospital Orlando

cat sitting on the shore of beach

Hurricane Checklist for Pets

Dog Licking Peanut Butter on its Nose


☐ Dog food in zip-lock backs for at least 5 days

☐ Treats in small zip-lock bags

☐ Bottled water to last at least 5 days (Not including your personal water supply)

☐ Paper bowls (You want something disposable so you do not waste fresh water forcleaning.)

Cat getting microchipped

Medicine/first aid

☐ Medications that last for up to 2 weeks

☐ Copy of health/vaccine records (to be placed inside of protective sleeve, protect againstwater damage)

☐ Updated picture of pet

☐ Microchip. Both dogs and cats should be microchipped. This is the best way for theshelters to identify pets.

☐ Veterinarian’s contact information

Happy, smiling brown puppy outdoors


☐ Waste removal bags

☐ Puppy pads/ WeeWee pads

☐ Litter box. (If you become low on kitty litter, remember shredded newspaper is also an option.)

☐ Trash bags

☐ Paper towels

☐ Household Chlorine Bleach- 9 parts water to 1 part bleach.

Gray Cat Listening to Music with Headphones


☐ Collars and leashes/cat carriers (Keep extras on you in case one breaks or you come across another pet in need. Use collar, NOT a choke chain.)

☐ Familiar blanket or bed from home

☐ Dog tags

☐ Flashlight for night-time walks

☐ Emergency numbers, Shelter information